What happened to the avocados?

May 4, 2017** Lucinda, Avocado Standard

Do you love avocados? Are you a guacamole fan? Well, there’s bad news. Avocados are a whole lot more expensive than they were and in short supply.


Well, there are two reasons. First, global demand has surged, everywhere from the US to China and New Zealand. They’re super healthy, packed with proteins and oils, and there’s some evidence they can help fight cancer and heart disease.  And of course, with Cinco de Mayo this weekend, everybody wants them!

But to make things worse, the weather has hit avocado crops hard. California production is down by 44% this year because of the lingering effects of their droughts. In Peru, they’re having the opposite problem – floods. Organic fruits are always more vulnerable to weather, so organic farmers are struggling even more than others. Did you catch that there? An avocado is a fruit. 😉

Avocado on the tree

So with more people wanting avocados, and less to go around, prices are going crazy.  Then add to that the fact that we don’t just buy an ol organic avocado here at Space Girl Organics- the farm has to meet our ethical standards AND if it is a Mexican Avocado it can’t have ties to the cartels (YES the cartels affect everything in Mexico including the produce world. In fact a few years ago they were hijacking lime trucks and holding the limes for ransom- creating a shortage and overnight lime price problem but that is another story for another day!)

And it’s not likely to get better any time soon.  Over 80% of our avocados come from Mexico, and if we end up in a trade dispute with them, they’ll get even more expensive.

We do have avocados- ones that meet our ethical and growing standards but not a lot of them so get to gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.

Avocado looking yummy!

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