Kale-Fit for a King (or Queen)!

King of the cruciferous vegetables!

We have kale in the boxes this week! Fun Fun!!!

Why eat organic kale? First, it’s better to eat organic kale because it is on the “dirty dozen” list of most pesticides.

Secondly, of all the super foods we could eat, this leafy green is a nutritional powerhouse! A cup of raw kale supplies many of our nutritional needs, including:

Vitamin B6 (serotonin synthesis=happy!)
Vitamin C (antioxidant immunity booster) Fun fact – kale contains more Vitamin C than an orange!
It’s one of the world’s greatest sources of Vitamin K (blood clotting and cardiovascular health).
Kale is also very high in BetaCarotene (eye protection and vision).
Most of all, kale is also a mineral powerhouse! It’s full of Calcium (for strong bones),
Magnesium (maintaining muscles and nerve functioning necessary for energy metabolism),
Folate (brain development), Potassium (blood pressure)
Iron (transfers oxygen and keeps you from feeling tired).

Oh, and it tastes great too!


In Northern Germany, a whole culture surrounding kale has developed, with a festival yearly called Kohlfhart (hee, hee!). Basically, the community tours the town while dancing like crazy, until they reach a local tavern. There they will be served a traditional dish of Kohl Und Pinkel. The royal subjects who have eaten the most kale will be crowned Kale King and Queen for the following year.

Who knew kale could be this much fun!

Here are some recipes to work more of this leafy green into your diet.


Delicious! Bacon Garlic Kale!

Ummm…bacon… yes, please!


Click here for the recipe from Epicurious


Parmesan Chicken and Kale casserole!

Hearty and healthy for the whole family! Yum!  


                                                                     Photo Credit: Blake Royer

Click here for recipe from Serious Eats


Kale and Orange Cupcakes with orange icing!

Let’s not forget about dessert. Yes…a delicious way to get your veggie-mins! You can find this recipe here on Veggie desserts!

                                                                     Photo Credit: Kate Hackworthy



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