How to ripen stone fruit!

August 9, 2016** Lucinda, Peach Standard

how to ripen organic peachesMoisture is your ENEMY with stone fruit. Pat them dry when you take them out of your box and then leave them on the counter to ripen (or in a paper bag overnight). As soon as they ripen consume with gusto before someone else in your house beats you to it. Or, store then in the fridge for a day or so.


Why? Stone fruit is one of the HARDEST things to grow organically and can be a little finicky to get from tree to tummy, but not anything you produce pros can’t handle!


Typically in the conventional world to keep them from molding they are sprayed from here to high heaven with all sorts of funk ta cides which keeps them looking eerily perfect.


Organic stone fruit? No way… that’s what we say!  No funk ta cides on your stuff!


As always, your fault (tsk tsk. You forgot to pat them dry!)  or ours (We check each one but once in a great moon something slips past us)… if you have issues with these at all “lettuce” know and we will make it right with you. We are cool like that.

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