How did squash get its name

A little history lesson for you foodie freaks that I love!   Squash is an old crop- estimated 10,000 years by estimated sites in Mexico and evidence of cultivation dating back 8,000 B.C. in Central America, Peru, and the eastern United States. They grew yellow crooked necks (summer squash), patty pans, pumpkins and boston marrow to name a few. “Squash” comes from the  Narragansett Indian word asKutasquash which translates “eaten raw or uncooked”.

No part of the squash plant went to waste. Native Americans would eat the shoots, leaves, flowers and seeds. The beautiful flower blossoms these plants produce are still eaten and enjoyed today. Botanically speaking, squash is a fruit! Yes, that’s right, another seed bearing fruit!
Although the natives may have eaten their squash without cooking, today we prefer ours cooked, so please allow me to give you a few produce mama tips on how to store and cook summer squash.  Summer squash keeps well up to 5 days refrigerated (I have had it last much much longer- but 5 days is a good basis to work on), unwashed, and kept in a plastic bag in the vegetable drawer.
They taste superb cooked at higher temperatures because of their high water content (steamers not recommended).  Slice a bit thicker, broil or grill for 10 minutes,  add some butter and herbs. Yummy perfection!
We’ll be getting a lot more squash over the next few months, so tell us your favorite squash recipes and we’ll post the best!

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