3 Simple Tips to work more fruits and veggies onto your plate and into your diet!

December 28, 2016** Lucinda Standard

How to work more fruits and veggies onto your plate and into your diet!

It’s that time of year again. You know… when we start making our lists and checking them twice. No not that list… the New Year’s resolution list! The one where we realize we inhaled a bit too much pie in the Christmas free for all and decide to get with it in the New Year!

Just say no to feverishly googling crash diets…step away from the keyboard! Instead, keep it classy by just eating more fruits and veggies. The diet that never goes out of style. It’s the classic black dress of being healthy….and here are some tips of how to make it happen.

Have fruits and veggies in your house!

  •   If you don’t have them you can’t eat them. “Lettuce” deliver to you and make it wicked simple to get past this step one.

Prep and Chop! Veggies at the ready!

  •  Don’t wait until your hangry (you know… where you are so hungry you get angry!) to get your produce ready. Cut up your celery and carrots and they will be there to save the day when hunger strikes.

Get sneaky with it!

  •  You can’t change the world (or your waistline!) over night but that shouldn’t stop you from doing a little something every day to work towards a better you! Add carrots to your spaghetti sauce and bananas to your baked goods. A fried apple on your oatmeal is better than no apple at all. Use those peppers you chopped in step two to give your omelet a little produce love!  

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